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Installing and Maintaining Tubes
The Hood's Original Tubes for Free Downloading

Skeldale House Tubaholics Pages are a one-stop place for more tubes, custom brushes and links than you will ever need.

This page contains a few hints and simple ideas for the use of some of the tubes available on the Download Page.

NB : To help with download time, all the images have been heavily compressed so some quality has been lost.

Tube Writing
Almost any tube can be used to do similar effective writing.  This on was done with Faded Roses set to a low "step" factor. 

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Fractal Flowers
Creating simple fractal flowers with Filter Factory filters takes literally a few minutes; making them into tubes only a few minutes more. What you do with them after that is limited only by your imagination. One example, these three images filled using "instant" tiles made with the tube and Harry the Raver's Quadrant flip mirror tile, or one of Sandy Blair's "Simple Filter" tilers.

bg1.jpg (9482 bytes)bg3.jpg (10434 bytes)bg2.jpg (9900 bytes)

Enhancing Text

rainbowdrops.jpg (6153 bytes)

The raindrops have been positioned in the tube so they will hang precisely from the insertion point of your tube tool.

Snowflakes.jpg (4990 bytes)

Because of antialias, the fontflakes don't work very well on anything other than a dark background.  (As you can see where they have been put in the paler blue.)

Two-minute Christmas Card Scene
Ulead Particle plugin was used for the snow on the trees. When you use the rainbow, place it on a separate layer, adjust the opacity, then use the deform tool to shape it.

Snoscene (12193 bytes)

Christmas Wreath


Poinsettia Picture Frame
My lovely grandniece Sarah framed in flowers.  There are tutorials on doing a frame like this one and for making the flowers used.  (Both flowers tubes are available for download.)

sarah.jpg (13357 bytes)

Simple Flower Method

 daisies.jpg (20739 bytes)

Simple Flower Method II


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