Our International Art Contest was the first of its kind... a truly "international" art contest free of boundaries and prejudice. After the first juried contest, voting and the selection of winners changed to a system that enabled the artists to select their champions and thus the artists of merit in their category.

Our first International Art Contest was first held in 1998 and our system that enables the artists to select the winner has been most popular ever since. The only disapproval of our voting system came some upstart contest organizers who preferred to manipulate the contest results and some entrants who discovered too late that while the artists submitted their votes online, it was impossible to cheat.

Unfortunately our last contest was completed in 2016. The 2017 contest opened for voting in August 2016, but a server failure meant that all data was lost, including the previous 2 years entries and selections. Although a backup solution was in place, we found that the backup had also failed. After weathering many disasters over the years including the theft of our domain name which was finally retrieved after the monetizers had thoroughly ruined its reputation, we have decided to spend our time elsewhere.

The art world is rife with plagiarism, where artist will copy artist and entrepreneur will claim any idea as their own. Our team founded the first International Art Contest to provide an insight into the diverse world of art to provide reference for research in the potential of working as an artist for a livelihood. Soon after we realized the need for "copy protection" to protect the livelihoods of artists exhibiting their wares online. But there was nothing available in any form whatsover that could be used on a web page. Consequently, our team invented the first copy protection solutions in our first year and still provide the most secure solutions to this day. Click for more information about our copy protection.

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